APIC, the catalan illustration

APIC, the catalan illustration

The Professional Association of Illustrators of Catalonia (APIC) is a group bringing together all illustrators interested in defending together the rights of professionals.

APIC was established in 1981. It currently has more than 500 members, from all areas of applied visual arts and is open to all professionals working in these areas.

APIC welcomes all authors and creators of images working professionally in the area of illustration, in any of its branches: books, text books, comics, advertisement, packaging, press, greetings, animation, multimedia editing, on-line editing, computer graphics, poster art, caricature, learning games, mural painting, storyboard, layout and scientific illustration.


Our goal is…

  • To representation, management, promotion and defense of the common interests of our members.
  • To acknowledgement and defense of the rights we deserve as authors, and to guarantee the recognition of these rights.
  • To contribute towards a better social acknowledgement of the profession.
  • To improve working and hiring conditions.
  • To facilitate hiring, mutual recognition and collaboration among our members.
  • To work towards the growth and projection of the profession, by offering training to our members, or by carrying out actions, establishing links and interacting with other associations, bodies or official institutions, both national and international.
Conferences, meetings and courses...

Conferences, meetings and courses...


The goal of organizing conferences with people with a recognized career in illustration is to promote and exchange experiences between illustrators and people with an interest in this field. These conferences are open to all illustrators and people relating to the profession, and also for illustration students. The conferences are aimed at professionals working in the area of illustration with invited illustrators with a recognized career. Some of the participating illustrators are: América Sánchez, Ajubel, Isidro Ferrer, Pla Narbona, Pedro Salgado and also graphic designers.

Occupational assessment courses

These courses are addressed to professionals with little knowledge about legal, professional and tax-related issues. These courses are organized every two months and deal with issues such as copyrights, tax issues, rates, contracts and negotiations.
The courses intend that illustrators, as well as being good at illustration techniques, also have some knowledge about issues affecting the work market.
Courses organized in the past included how to prepare for the professional world, courses on the rights and obligations of professionals: contracts, minimum rates, invoicing, etc.

Internal organization and representing bodies

Internal organization and representing bodies

The members of the Professional Association of Illustrators of Catalonia appoint its board of directors every two years, as its governing body.A management team is in charge of implementing all directives coming from the Board.

The Board is formed by the following:

Chair: Xavi Ramiro

Vice-Chair: Lluís Cadafalch
Treasury: Manuel Clavero
Secretary: Marta Bru

Berto Martínez
Carme Marcos
David Maynar
Horacio Altuna
Jordi Corbera
Luci Gutiérrez
Maria Gargot
Martín Elfman
Martín Tognola
Natalia Zaratiegui
Núria Feijoó
Núria Frago
Olga Capdevila
Ricard Aranda
Susana Soto

Management: Gemma Cortabitarte
Administration: Andreu León