Professional and legal assessment

  • Professional and work-related guidance.
  • Legal and work assessment and support.
  • Fiscal assessment.

Training and promotion

  • Training courses and conferences.
  • Circulation of our members’ work.
  • Moving exhibitions and thematic showcases.
  • On-line catalogue.


  • Regular information on our activities and news on interesting issues related to the profession.
  • Monographic publications. Relationships among professionals.
  • Bi-annual gatherings of illustrators.
  • Meetings and Sessions on specific topics.
  • Communications through internal bulletins and e-mail.


  • ‘Junceda’ illustration awards.
  • ‘L’il·lustrad’Or’ award.

Student fee

Students may join APIC by presenting their registration slip. They shall be eligible to a 50% reduction of the membership fee for up to a year after completing their studies. Retirees shall also be eligible to a 50% discount of the membership fee.


Members appoint a Board of Directors every two years and have power to take part in actions, express their opinions and initiatives, decide on the implementation of agreed programmes and ensure that management teams and the secretariat carry out their tasks dutifully.