Elisa Ancori

Elisa Ancori

Visual artist and illustrator from Barcelona.
I produce personal work and work as an illustrator making covers of novels and illustrated books for a youth and adult audience.
Author of the book Mother Moon (Lunwerg), Metamorfish after the reefs (mtm editores) and co-author of The Flooded Earth (Barlin books), and The Fables of Fedro (Arola Editors).
I have also collaborated in different advertising and fashion projects making drawings for product packaging and for promotional videos.

RBA Editorial, Editorial Salvat, Barlin Libros, Oscura Editorial, Estudio Morillas, Editorial Planeta, Copilotos Agency, Antonio Banderas Fragances, Carolina Herrera Fragances, Algar editorial, Diego Ojeda, Muevetulengua Editorial, Montana Colores & Enrotlla't, Viña Pomal, TV3, Conrad Roset & Codorniu, Alfaguara editorial, Seix Barral editorial, MTM Editores, Bromera editorial, Rayo verde editorial, Xeremier Francolí & Arola Editors, La Fábrica de sombreros, Inditex textile suppliers.