Laura Vaho

Laura Vaho

Hello, my name is Laura Vaho.
I have been drawing with butterflies in my stomach all my life, fantasizing about dedicating myself to art and dreaming of being an illustrator of stories and illustrated books. And here I am, making it happen.
My creative vocation and my artistic training, partly self-taught, have allowed me to experience art from the heart.
Professionally I embarked on the world of advertising and marketing, in this field I was fortunate to carry out illustration work for some brands and projects, although I was focused on other areas of the sector.
At the moment, I am working as a freelance illustrator. Besides producing personal work, I collaborate in various projects illustrating stories for children and adults, which will soon be released.
Here you can see some of my illustrations with different techniques. I hope you like them!
Imagen de marca

Creación de logotipo ilustrado como base de la imagen corporativa del programa “Feim Barri” en diferentes soportes: carteles, banderolas, letras, manteles…  Se trata de unas jornadas de dinamización que recorren los diferentes barrios del municipio de Eivissa para, mediante actividades, dar a conocer las tradiciones de la isla, fomentar el deporte, la vida sana, potenciar la creatividad, desperar los sentidos por medio de la música y ofrecer un espacio de comunicación entre los ciudadanos y el Ayuntamiento de Eivissa.

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