isa loureiro

isa loureiro

A creative creature born in a village in the north of Portugal, near the lines that are drawn and blurred by the sea, she continued her studies in the Design career at the University of Aveiro to later work professionally in a design studio in Barcelona, for 7 years, reaching the category of senior graphic designer.

Always close to the lines of the drawing and passionately illustrating each project she undertakes, she decided to refine her skills by completing the General Illustration Course at Visions School – Illustration and Calligraphy, in Barcelona. Today she works as a Freelance Designer and Illustrator, always ready to get involved in projects or commissions that put her imagination and her hand to the test.

Scientific illustration of two views of the worker ant of the species Veromessor pergandei and a detail of the head. Made for a biologist from Mexico.

A species of ant native to the southwestern United States and also to Baja California, Mexico.

Illustration size DIN A4. From the sketch, done in digital, the tracing and the illustration made by hand with fiber-tip markers and Indian ink.

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