Project ‘Abrebox’ for children from Abrera town
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The City Council of Abrera requested a series of illustrations to publicize the town to families with newborns registered in the municipality. Accompanied by practical information (registration, aid, …) along with a gift object and all in a packaging arranged so that the mayor himself could deliver it to families.

I decided to give form and speech to the whole project based on the most important piece, the book. After created a naming for the project (Abrebox) I designed a pattern of children’s elements and the municipality for the gift, a muslin and that would be repeated along with the supports of the project, which included a folder to collect the practical info, all within a reusable packaging.

So once compiled the most significant spaces and events I illustrated and wrote an album, trying to be inclusive with all kinds of families as main characters that travel through Abrera throughout the 4 seasons. A tour that goes through events such as the Major Party, Carnival or Christmas and always accompanied by activities, anecdotes and photographs to do with the family.

For production, the reusable packaging was manufactured in kraft with 2-colour screen printed with elements of the municipality and children, plus the folder with the same finishes. In addition to a 1-ink printed muslin (the brand colour of City Council) and the children’s album with 4-ink offset printing and milled rustic binding.

Project ‘Abrebox’ for children from Abrera town
Project ‘Abrebox’ for children from Abrera town
Project ‘Abrebox’ for children from Abrera town
Project ‘Abrebox’ for children from Abrera town

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