Geometric Quarantine –

A group of local artists and illustrators were selected to participate in this collaboration with Ayma Boards. They were given a blank board to intervene with the technique and style of each artist. Working under the concept of representing what quarantine meant to each of them.

Understand, explain, express and represent what it has meant to be at home for so many days. It has certainly not been easy to do. During all those months at home, I had a lot of different feelings and thoughts. I have tried to stay active, working on personal projects, exercising, learning an instrument and in contact with my loved ones.

Thinking about what I’ve felt and done over the last few months has allowed me to come up with a series of characters. Each of them doing something different. From feeding your child while working, spending time catching up with reading, immersing yourself in a new sound of an instrument, or lying down with your pets.

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